Why in the world did I name this page, "Wombmate Creations?" I have an identical twin sister. Together, we create designs. She does everything that involves the computer or other tech devices! I am the "sewer". I have created this page to display some of my sewing creations and connect with my sewing friends. I will put tutorials for some projects and share pictures. Besides creating nail designs, I love creating sewing projects. It is a great passion of mine. I do not think that I'm "all that", but have taught/helped many people who say that my teaching is easy to understand. I am not a professional but I do enjoy what I do and enjoy helping others along the way.

Sewing Machine Mat Tutorial

Sewing Machine Mat Tutorial

Fat quarter (18x22) mat color


Muslin (18x22)

Front pocket panel--5 1/4x 22 (2 pcs)

Pellon 808 craft fuse (to give strength to the pocket panel)

•Take the fat quarter of fabric, batting and Muslin and make a "sandwich". Right side of fabric facing up. Stipple or u can make diagonal lines (quilt it however u wish) this makes it one big mat pc now.

•Fuse the Pellon 808 to the wrong side of one of the front pocket panel pcs(make sure the shiny side of the Pellon is towards the wrong side of panel fabric)

Now pin the panels so that the pretty sides of the fabric is facing the outsides. Sew very close to the edges all the way around to make this one pc.

•Once you have this as one piece you can lay it against your cutting mat and make marks every 2 inches or 2 1/2 inches or 3 inches, however big you want each of your pockets to be. Figure out what you would like to have in those pockets and measure this way you will have an accurate pocket fitting!

•Take your binding and attach it to the top of pocket panel pc.

•Assemble pocket panel to the big mat pc and pin into place. Trimming it to make sure it makes one big "square pc". (Sometimes fat quarters are different sizes, so the measurements given are a place to start-just match it all up and trim)

Now u r ready to take it to the machine and stitch it where u have made the lines to be the pockets.

This will secure the panel to the mat and it makes the divisions for each lil pocket. I like using a zigzag stitch but choose whatever stitch u like. After that, U can also straight stitch along the bottom and the short sides so that it makes it easier (nothing flapping around) when attaching the binding.

•Now attach binding around entire project and u r done!!!


Therapeutic Rice Bag Tutorial

Outside (pretty fabric) 9x21

Inside bag-(rice goes in) 8x21(I use muslin)

All seams are 1/4"

Use all cotton products(thread and fabric)

Sewing the ends the way I do, makes it easier to handle when pulling it out of the microwave (almost like having handles)

Most microwaves will heat them perfectly in 2 minutes. Test your microwave starting with two minutes and take it from there! 

These can also be used as cold packs as well. Just put them in the freezer until needed!

Sew along where u see the pins at a 1/4 inch seam. Leaving one of the short ends open. Clip the corners so the corners are not bulky, Then turn the bag so that you can iron it and tuck in the raw edges(ironing helps keep it folded) I fold it about half inch or so. Then mark your inside bag from the bottom up 11.5". This is your fill line for the rice. After filling it with rice, keep it clear of area where you are sewing the bag shut. Then insert the inside bag into the outside bag and sew them shut together. I sew both ends the same way. It gives a nice finished look.